Winter Weather? Avoid these snow removal mistakes

Dealing With Winter Weather? Make Sure to Avoid These Common Snow Removal Mistakes

Winter is in full swing. And, in many parts of the country, with winter comes harsh, inclement weather—including snowstorms.

Understanding how to deal with snow is a must if you want to protect your home this winter—and that includes understanding what snow-related mistakes to avoid.

So what, exactly, are those mistakes?

recent article from outlined snow removal mistakes homeowners tend to make during the winter months, including:

  • Not cleaning gutters or downspout drains. If your gutters are congested, snow melt can’t drain properly. If temperatures drop, that melting snow can freeze—and as the ice expands, it can break your gutter or downspout material (or, in severe cases, rip the gutters off your home completely.) To avoid this issue, make sure to regularly clean your gutters.
  • Not removing snow from the roof. A few inches of snow on your roof isn’t likely to do any damage. But if you live in an area where it snows heavily and often, you need to stay on top of roof snow removal. When accumulation hits 60 pounds of snow per square foot (which generally translates to six inches of compacted snow or 12 inches of fluffy snow), it puts your home at risk for roof damage—so make sure to clear any snow off the roof before it hits that point.
  • Not using pet-safe ice melt. Ice melt can be a great way to de-ice walkways, driveways, and sidewalks. But certain products can be hazardous if ingested by pets—so if you’re going to use ice melt, make sure to use a pet-safe version.

We hope these tips come in useful when protecting your home, family and pets against harsh weather conditions. The winter weather can be work, but it is also a great time to get outside and enjoy the beauty, cold weather and fun activities the snow has to offer... because before we know if spring will be here ! Warm weather is just around the corner! 

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