Winter Updates from your Chelan PUD

Winter Updates from your Chelan County PUD

**Repost from Chelan County PUD**

January 2023

Carpe Diem: Freeze the Day!
Take advantage of these ways to lower your bills

Winter is the time of highest electricity use here in Chelan County. Make the most of these tools to lower your winter bills:

  • Long-term energy savings: Energy-efficient improvements that lower your bills year after year after year
  • Payment plans: Equal pay spreads your annual bills out into 12 equal payments over the year
  • Bill discounts: For income-qualifying seniors age 62+ and customers with disabilities
  • Bill assistance: One-time bill coverage when you're in a pinch

Our Customer Relations team is also available to help at or 509-661-8121.

Ways to Save
Heat trace on your roof?
You could be overlooking the real problem: heat loss

If you have ice dams or icicles forming on the eaves of your home, using a heat trace to melt it won't fix the underlying issue:  too much heat is escaping your home, melting the snow on your roof, causing water to run down to your eave, where it refreezes as ice. Whew!

The solution to ice dams is to reduce your home's heat loss: 

  1. Air seal above your ceiling (like light fixtures and exhaust fans)
  2. Insulate (take advantage of Chelan PUD rebates)
  3. Ventilate your attic (using ridge and soffit vents)

Not only will these steps stop ice dams and home damage, they'll also keep you more comfortable and lower your heating bills.

Insulation Cash Back
Gone Before You Snow It
Score your boosted rebates before March 31

Take advantage of wayyy bigger incentives for your home improvements and business upgrades that lower your electric bills on applications received by March 31, 2023

All the Rebates

**Repost from Chelan County PUD. All credit of this post belongs to Chelan County PUD**

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