What's the Weather like in Chelan, WA?

What's the Weather like in Chelan, WA?

If you are thinking about moving to Chelan, WA, you will want to know as much as you can to help make your transition to a brand-new area as smooth as possible. One of the most commonly asked questions when moving to a new area is "What is the weather like?" This is a great question to ask when you are moving to Chelan as the weather takes on a very different temperature depending on the time of year. 

Even if you are just making the move across the state from Western Washington, the weather in Eastern Washington is much different. East and West of the mountains is a BIG climate change. 

With 300+ days of sunshine per year, 11 inches of rainfall annually and 30 inches of snowfall annually; here's a general weather overview for beautiful Chelan, Washington:


If you are used to living on the west side of Washington state, the weather in Chelan is very different. In the winter, the temperature can drop dramatically. This can sometimes be a shock for new homeowners dealing with frost, freeze and winterizing their homes properly, (especially vacation homes). Snow is very common in Chelan typically starting to fall in mid November and staying through February or March. About every five years, we might get a mild winter but expect it to be followed in the next year or so with a harsh winter. 

Average Temps:
December: high 34/low 24
January: high 33/low 23
February: high 40/low 26


While there is some rain here there is not nearly as much as you might expect if you come from the coastal areas of the Northwest. We often see some snow lingering or a freak last snowstorm falling in the early parts of spring (March and April). Generally speaking, spring is pretty mild and pleasant. Spring is a beautiful time in NCW to watch as the new leaves and flowers begin budding, and then we get to see and celebrate Apple Blossom here in the apple capitol!

Average Temps:
March: high 51/low 33
April: high 61/low 40
May: high 71/low 48


Summer is HOT and full of sunshine in Chelan. The average temps for June, July and Aug are in the 80 and 90's, but it's not uncommon to have multiple days of 100+! Our summers are definitely dry and hot, but luckily we have plenty of outdoor recreation to help combat the heat; beautiful Lake Chelan, the mighty Columbia, and our very own waterpark, Slidewaters! Plus many communities have pools, and/or lake/river access. ...and of course, a private pool at your own home is always a dream, right?!

Average Temps
June: high 77/low 55
July: high 85/low 61
August: high 86/low 60


Fall is a great time in Chelan. We typically begin feeling the fall evenings and cooler mornings starting the last week of August to the first week of September, with beautiful warm (and sometimes hot) days all the way through September. October is still full of sunshine and wonderful fall temps which make it easy to enjoy the day. There is a bit of rain to be had in the fall and it is welcome and felt to be needed by most who live here. 

Average Temps:
September: high 75/low 51
October: high 61/low 40
November: high 44/low 32

Living in any part of North Central Washington, the Wenatchee Valley or in Beautiful Lake Chelan means you definitely get to experience all four seasons. Some may have a shorter typical span than other seasons but they are all there and it makes for a fun and exciting atmosphere through the year. I think its safe to say that most of us here in Lake Chelan live and breathe summer! And when it isn't summer, we are still dreaming of summer! :)

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