Tips for Making YOUR Best Offer on a Home

Tips for Making YOUR Best Offer on a Home

So you've found THE HOUSE!!! Now what? Here's our tips for making your best offer on a home:

1.  Offer a Fair Price: While you want to stand out, ensure your offer is based on market value and recent comparable sales. Going significantly above the asking price without solid reasoning might not always be the best strategy, while going to low may offend the seller and they may just not want to negotiate anymore with you.

2.  Show Proof of Funds: In addition to a pre-approval letter, providing proof of funds for a down payment or earnest money deposit can further solidify your offer's credibility.

3.  Flexibility in Timing: Be open and flexible with the closing timeline or other terms that might be important to the seller. Accommodating their needs can make your offer more attractive.

4.  Waiving Contingencies (with Caution): While it can strengthen your offer, waiving certain contingencies (like appraisal or inspection contingencies) should be carefully considered. Consult with your real estate agent to understand the risks associated with such a decision.

5.  Trust your agent! You chose your real estate professional for a reason! Your agent’s knowledge about the local market and recent sales is essential. We are here to advocate for your best interests! Depending on the home - you may have more negotiating power and we are here to help you determine where there’s wiggle room.

Remember, every real estate transaction is unique, and market conditions can vary widely. Consulting with your local real estate professional and tailoring your approach based on the specifics of the property and the seller's situation can significantly increase your chances of securing your dream home. Looking to find a house here in Chelan or any of North Central Washington? We're here to help! Don't hesitate to reach out if we can be of assistance to answer questions or show you homes. We'd love the opportunity to earn your business!

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