Preparing Your Home For a Showing, In 30 Minutes or Less

Preparing Your Home For a Showing, In 30 Minutes or Less!

Preparing your home for a showing in a short time frame can be hectic, but these tips can make a significant difference in presenting your home in its best light and maximize the impact:

  1. Declutter Surfaces: Clear countertops, coffee tables, and other surfaces of excessive items. Leave only a few decorative pieces to create an inviting atmosphere.

  2. Neutralize Odors: Light a subtly scented candle or use air fresheners to create a pleasant aroma. Avoid strong scents that may be off-putting to some buyers.

  3. Make Beds: Straighten bed linens and fluff pillows to give bedrooms a neat and inviting look.

  4. Polish Surfaces: Wipe down surfaces and make sure to put the toilet seats down!

  5. Let there be light: Open blinds and curtains and turn on a few lights throughout the home.

  6. Set the Mood: Pick up the kid's toys and neatly place a throw blanket on the couch. 

  7. Temperature Control: Adjust the thermostat to ensure a comfortable temperature throughout the house.

  8. Curb Appeal: If possible, spend a few moments tidying up the front porch or entryway, making sure that area is clean and welcoming.

  9. Final Walk-Through: Quickly walk through each room to ensure you haven't missed anything and make sure to store away any valuables.

  10. The aim is to create an environment where potential buyers can envision themselves living comfortably. While deep cleaning might not be feasible in a short time frame, these quick steps can greatly enhance the appeal of your home and leave a positive impression on prospective buyers.

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