Easy DIY Mudroom/Drop Zone Ideas To Keep Organized This Winter

Easy DIY Mudroom/Drop Zone Ideas To Keep Organized This Winter

Ever struggled with all the "extra" layers getting tossed onto the ground or thrown in weird spots during the winter? Here's a few easy DIY tips and tricks on how to stay organized this winter!

Store Boots Under A Bench

Make life easy! Find an entry bench that you love to not only store boots under, but make putting them on a breeze with a place to sit down! If you have the room above, add some storage hooks for coats and backpacks to make a quick DIY drop zone!

Use A Shoe Organizer

A very inexpensive way to keep organized! Add a shoe organizer to keep pairs of gloves together and all the scarves, neckwarmers and hats easy to find and grab as you're headed out the door!

Create A Drainage Station

Boots always damp or have snow on them? Create a cute display with a waterproof tray and rocks. Allow your boots to be inside, drying out while not making a mess of your floors and keeping the aesthetic pretty!

Use An Ice Bucket To Store Your De-Icer

Bags of de-icer are heavy, ugly and can get messy. Grab a cute bucket and have your de-icer ready to go by the door!

Store Your Boots Upside Down

Here's an easy and free DIY! Use round logs to make boot posts and store your boots upside down!  This ensures good drainage to help dry out boots and prevents them from getting dirt or snow inside.

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