DIY Homemade Vanilla

Looking for the Perfect DIY gift?

Homemade Vanilla Extract!

If you are looking for an easy, homemade gift idea for Christmas, we got you! These cute homemade vanilla extract bottles are the perfect gift because they're inexpensive, easy to put together and everyone will appreciate and actually use this gift! Give it a try, I promise, anyone can make this! 

1 glass bottle
4-5 Vanilla Beans (Grade B)
8 oz. Vodka (cheap is fine)
Cute Holiday Ribbon

Cut the vanilla beans in half lengthwise (leaving the end connected)
Place 4-5 vanilla beans (more for more flavor) in a bottle and cover with Vodka
Add a cute label & a ribbon or bow
Steep for at least 30 days, (the longer the better) shaking the bottle from time to time. The longer you steep, the stronger it’ll be. Once you use all the vanilla extract, you can add more alcohol to make more! You can also top it off as you use it.


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