Declutter Your Kitchen Before You Move

Declutter Your Kitchen Before You Move

Moving is a great way to start fresh and create new opportunities and experiences in your new space.
It’s likely you have damaged, unused, or spare items in your home. Decluttering before you move reduces stress, makes moving more efficient, and can help others in need. Ace Relocation recommends these decluttering tips for your kitchen.


It is likely that you will find expired oils, spices and other food in your cabinets and refrigerators that maybe haven’t been touched since that recipe you made a year ago. Trash accordingly after looking at their expiration dates.


Moving canned goods, boxed pasta, and bagged rice isn’t always the best use of resources. Consider donating these items to an organization like Move For Hunger. Simply set aside the unopened, non-perishable food items you don’t want to take with you and on moving day Ace Relocation will pack up your donations and deliver them to the local food bank or pantry, free of charge.


Unplug and pass-on your unused small appliances like blenders and food processers that are taking up valuable cabinet or countertop space. Consider passing these on to college students, recent graduates, and local donation centers.


We all have our favorite pots and pans that we use all the time. Then we have the ones that sit in our cabinets and never see the stovetop. Consider starting fresh at your new home with only your favorites and more room for new pieces you’ll actually use.


Have you ever opened a cabinet to find it overflowing with random glasses and coffee mugs? These things seem to collect throughout the years. Consider donating your unused or extra drinkware before you move.


If you have one of these in your kitchen go through it with a critical eye. Hang on to the items you find important and really need but clear out the junk you’ll never use again.

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