7 Halloween Costumes Real Estate Agents Could Claim They’re Wearing, Just by Wearing Their Name Tag

7 Halloween Costumes Real Estate Agents Could Claim They’re Wearing, Just by Wearing Their Name Tag

If you invite a real estate agent to your Halloween party, don’t be surprised or offended if they show up looking like they just came from a listing appointment or showing a house! It’s a hectic career, and they might just have to swing by with what they wore for the day and their name tag still on. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t in costume!

For example, besides just saying they came as a real estate agent, they could also say they’re a project manager, negotiator, or marketing expert, since those are all things a real estate agent does on a daily basis.

But they could also get creative and throw in a few less-than-obvious personas they often portray when working with buyers and sellers! Here are 7 creative Halloween costumes an agent could claim they’re wearing to your Halloween party, just by wearing their name tag:

1) Therapist

Agents spend a lot of time with clients and often get to know them quite personally. People get so personal at times, it’s not uncommon for an agent to feel like they’re a marriage counselor, or therapist.

If you want proof, just listen to any convo they have at your party and you’ll probably catch someone spilling their guts to them after meeting the agent five minutes ago.

2) Referee

It doesn’t just stop at listening and counseling people through their problems and differences; sometimes agents need to be ready to step in and break up a fight!

Hopefully you won’t have to witness this skill set at your party, but if a couple of your guests start arguing over politics or the economy, don’t be surprised if you see a real estate agent step in and calm them down.

3) Juggler

Agents have to juggle an insane amount of tasks and to-do’s of their own throughout their day to begin with, but they also have to be ready to handle things other people throw at them at any given moment.

Just don’t ask them to demonstrate their actual juggling skills with anything breakable around your house at your party.

4) Mind Reader

As much as some clients share too much information about their lives, others don’t share nearly enough about what they want in a house, or how they’re feeling about the process of selling their home. It can leave agents trying to guess what a client thinks, wants, or expects from them.

5) Fortune Teller

If only agents had a crystal ball they could turn to whenever someone asked them if home values were going up or down, when exactly it’ll happen, and to what extent! Unfortunately agents can’t predict the future and will typically point that out to anyone who wants them to even venture a guess.

But that doesn’t stop people from trying to get them to make predictions, so don’t be surprised if you overhear them being asked where the market’s going by at least one or two guests at your party.

6) Ghost Hunter

If an agent is showing a house that’s even somewhat old (or just a bit creepy), buyers will often ask if the house is haunted, or even suggest they think they saw a ghost! Whether an agent believes in them or not, agents have to at least look like they’re trying to sense a presence and deduce whether it’s more of a Casper the Friendly Ghost type, or one that’s more sinister.

Since it’s a Halloween party, you’re bound to hear someone asking your agent-guest if they’ve ever shown a haunted house. Join that chat and prepare to hear at least a few fun or spooky stories.

7) Magician

People often think that buying or selling houses is easy-peasy… unless they recently went through the process! It’s easy to forget over time, but the process of buying or selling a home is often quite difficult. But agents are also pretty good at making things happen without their clients having to see what it takes to pull off the trick that is buying or selling a house.

The best way to actually witness an agent performing magic isn’t to ask them to pull a rabbit out of a hat at your party, but rather to ask them to help you buy or sell your next home and watch them pull off the impossible!

Thanks for stopping by and reading! Hope you all have a wonderful Halloween!

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