Spooky Houses Dont Sell Well

Dated: 10/16/2018

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I wrote this post nearly 10 years ago, and last time I checked, this home had been foreclosed on and was still owned by the bank. 

Image titleI should have taken it as a sign when the listing agent told me that the property I was calling about was "very interesting". Instead I got excited and told him how much I loved to see interesting homes....he just chuckled. (and in hindsight I think his laugh actually sounded a little diabolic) And now I know why.

The original plan was for me to go preview this home first for a client, but at the last minute he called to say he was available to go with me....which was a VERY good thing. Little did I know this house was hands down the spookiest listing I'd ever seen!

Think of any scary movie...it starts with the closed gate at the road, all overgrown- the house completely hidden from the road. No driveway. Had to park in the road and walk through the gate just to see where we needed to go next. Walking carefully, not knowing what might be hiding in the thick vegitation, we finally found the house and keybox. I must have told my client 5 times on the way to the door how glad I was that he was with me. A little dog came out from across the street and I was convinced he was about to say something to warn us about going inside, but he trotted off.

And the house? 

 Well, I won't "out" it here, but interesting doesn't even begin to describe it. Odd....bizarre... eerie..... or how about flat out spooky?

In fact, my client referred to the movie "The Ring" on more than one occasion. (are you getting the picture?) He was willing to walk through the house while I hovered indecisively; not sure whether to follow to make sure he didn't disappear (you know how often that happens in the movies right? The one who leaves the room never comes back?) or stay close to the exit in case he let out a sudden scream.

Fortunately he did come back after deciding he'd seen enough. We locked up and ran walked back to the car.

It made for good conversation, but in reality this is a home for sale. It's on the market for buyers to consider. Maybe the owners should un-spook it a little. Can you imagine that staging conversation? "You may want to open up the creepy little room because it will conjur images of b-a-d things".

I wish the sellers and the agent well and hope someone can see this house in a different light. It may take a while though because spooky houses just don't show sell very well!

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